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-Patricia-Mignone-©LP-BreydelFollowing the heritage of Italian Illusionists, Patricia Mignone perpetuates the art of realistic portrait-making with passion.

As a University Graduate with a litterary background, she acquired the basic skills of old-fashioned decorative painting from the Van der Kelen Institute. Then, with the French Master Jean-Pierre Poidevin, she became privy to the mysteries of the techniques used by the Van Eyck brothers, who were both painters and alchemists.

Her sensitivity was nurtured from the most intense sources with privileged connections to Italy, the land of her ancestry.

The portraits painted by Patricia are technically perfect, awesome and spellbinding.

Imbued with rigour and commitment, this enthusiastic portrait painter’s creativity is capable of bewildering even the most demanding person.

A photograph made by Louis-Philippe Breydel.