Your portrait

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The experience of portrait-making requires time, time spent together, feedback, sharing and communication. !

In an atmosphere of collaboration and trust, you are about to pass on your portrait to transcendance.

It will be restored to you in total authenticity.

Patricia Mignone will spend time with you, as much time as she feels is required in order to really get to know you, discover your sensitivity, and really listen to you. The complicity that will emerge from these moments will make your eyes glitter and bring out your essence.

A project will then be submitted to you and, as soon as you’ll have approved the idea, its production will begin.

From then on, you will be able to communicate, you will be kept informed on how the work is moving forward, through phone and email.

Patricia Mignone commits to quality, meeting her deadlines and confidentiality.

Price will depend on how many people or animals are to be included in the painting, how large it is, and how complex the clothes, jewels and accessories.

Travel costs are additional (only one single trip is expected) as well as framing, transportation, packing and tax.

The basic investment is somewhere around 3,700 Euros, which is the average price for a closeup portrait or cameo of about 30 by 35 cm. For other projects or sizes, please inquire.

Contact Patricia Mignone in order to design your project and get her to give you a quote.

All details concerning production conditions will also be given to you.